Mikkeys Retro Grill Atlanta

Welcome to Mikkeys Retro Grill

Mikkeys Retro Grill proudly serves delicious food to the greater Smyrna community.



Robert Carnes
The burger and fries are really good. So is the location. But be aware that they take time to fulfill orders because meals are made to order. So be sure to call or order ahead of time. Also, there's no seating inside; just pickup and go. We didn't realize that the first time we...
Her Food Life (HerFoodLife)
Delicious food. Literally everything I’ve tasted on the menu is tasty. Had my first chopped cheese here (yes you read that right! We have them here in GA). My favorite is the wings tossed in that Rico sauce
Aleahea Zamaniego
4 stars because the food and services is excellent, however, I am sad at the hours and that they do have online ordering available directly to the restaurant. They open when I go on break so I can’t eat here often due to that reason. The wait time is usually my entire break...

Monday - Tuesday
  • Closed
Wednesday - Thursday
  • 1:00AM - 7:00PM
Friday - Sunday
  • 1:00AM - 8:00PM